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  • Apley Farm Shop

  • Turnbull's Deli and Bistro

  • Quarr Abbey

  • Applegarth Farm Shop and Restaurant

  • Jolly Nice Farm Shop and Cafe

  • The Guild of Fine Food

  • Rural Solutions

  • Beeswax Dyson

  • Hook & Son and Longleys Farm Shop

  • Millfields Trust

  • Tynwald Mills

  • Plumpton College

  • Lisa's Larder

  • Nonya Secrets

  • YumTaz - Lotus Bites

  • Nuturally Nut Butters

  • Dorset Spice Shed

  • Womersley Vinegars

  • Salthouse and Peppermongers

  • Grub Club Cambridge

  • Fresh RM

  • Bread and Butter Fest

  • The Sussex Peasant

  • Pippins Doughnuts

  • Fabulous Farm Shops

  • Roots Earth to Plate Learning

  • Beatons Tea Rooms Franchise

  • The Hot British Drinks Co.

  • Gascony Garlic

  • Artisan Provender

  • Dorset Food & Drink (NED)


"We took Edward on as a consultant at Apley as we needed help to regain focus and  improve the long term sustainability of our business following a difficult period.  We had had a high staff turnover culminating in the departure of our general manager & had experienced a downturn in business.  Edward helped recruit the new manager and established a number of key areas to focus on to improve the business.  His way of working can be summed up as a critical but supportive friend. He analysed the state of the business through one to one discussions with key staff and analysis of financial figures.
From this and further discussions with us he established a number of actions to improve the business. However, rather than simply writing a report and moving on he established a follow up mechanism where he came back to review and further develop the actions. He has always been happy to answer additional questions. 
His background in the top echelons of the food and wine industry through his career means that he has a strong sense of food quality and provenance and a well established understanding of retail and customer service in small but diverse businesses. "
Lord Hamilton of Dalziell, Apley Farm Shop, Bridgenorth, Shropshire

"Having Edward involved has been an invaluable re-evaluation process that asks important questions about a mature business, and focuses on how the customers see us, not how we see ourselves.  I have also find it invaluable having an experienced external voice in my business to encourage me and my team to be open to change in a supportive way."
Charlie Turnbull,Turnbulls Cheesemonger, Coffee House & Bistro, Shaftesbury

"The Flying Fork was recommended to Quarr Abbey by FARMA following an enquiry for a food business consultant. We were searching for a consultant to help progress  our hospitality and farm shop operation and future developments. Explaining our unique set of challenges, Edward provided the assurance and confidence that his knowledge and experience in this sector was just what we were looking for. Grasping a clear and thorough understanding of our particular needs he was very efficient and pragmatic with his approach and planning. This involved a commercial and operational review of the business and future needs, internal meetings, quality research and the next stage recommendations with options. A detailed report  provided interesting and meaningful information that will now help Quarr Abbey progress with development plans.
Edward is very personable and is also a pleasure to work with on a project. With a substantial range of professional expertise, we highly recommend the Flying Fork and the good value service it provides."
Dean Pascall, Operations Manager, Quarr Abbey, Isle of Wight

"Having worked with Edward for over a year now, I have seen considerable improvements in the core business from his analysis of our position. He provided an extremely comprehensive and no-nonsense report which took into account our unique way of working. Many of the considerations were relatively obvious but having a professional, detached from your situation, to spell them out and then set a schedule to implement, has been invaluable. It's very easy to blindly continue to work in the format that you always have done but I thoroughly recommend you take the leap of faith and engage Edward - he has proven invaluable to our business and our bottom line has improved considerably."
William Benson, Applegarth Farm Shop and Café, Haslemere, Hampshire

"I’ve worked as an agricultural and equine expert for many years and have worked closely with many business consultants and experts in their field and I often tell my clients that success is much more likely if they have the right team in place. I learned early on in my business that finding the best individual for the job in hand is essential. It’s frustrating and expensive if you find the wrong one first.  There are not many consultants across the country that I could wholeheartedly recommend as people who are not only excellent in their line of business, but are also helpful and a pleasure to work with. Edward Berry is definitely one of them." 
Rebecca Wilson, Jolly Nice Farm Shop and Café, Gloucestershire

 “Edward helped the Millfields Trust develop a feasibility study and business plan for a community run café. He delivered what we wanted and more.  His approach to the work was very thorough and he has a tremendous knowledge of the industry. Equally important to us was his approach to the work and to us as a client.  He couldn’t have been more helpful and obliging, checking with us as he developed the work.  The finished report was excellent and has allowed us to make decisions in regard to our café. Edward spent time with us afterward to ensure that we understood his report and that it delivered what we needed. I hope we can work with him again in the future”

Roger Pipe, Chief Executive, Millfields Trust  


“Edward spearheaded the drive for growth and profitability at the Ludlow Food Centre and his development of the Ludlow Kitchen and integration of the Clive hotel and restaurant comprehensively changed the business. Edward’s understanding of the food and beverage business and attention to detail and high standards were instrumental in the establishment of the Ludlow Food Centre and the basis for it becoming a sustainable business. Edward took over a business that was struggling to be financially sustainable and in four years took the business to profitability by driving growth, controlling costs and establishing excellence in all areas of the business.”
David Windsor-Clive, Chairman, Ludlow Food Centre

“Edward Berry isn’t just another food and drink consultant-advisor who talks the talk. His extensive management experience in global food and drink businesses, combined with having set up his own food and drink retail and production businesses, means that he is well placed to offer results-driven advice to any food or drink business that wants to get customers, keep customers and grow sales. He is results-driven and down to earth and is a pleasure to work with. “
Catherine Moran My Artisan Business

"I first worked with Edward to create The Ludlow Pantry; a hybrid Café & Deli sub-brand development of the Ludlow Food Centre. The brief was presented in a clear and concise manner, with the scope and boundaries of the project being managed skilfully by Edward.
Edward's extensive operational experience and clear understanding of market requirements and emerging consumer trends meant that the design brief was concise and focussed; enabling the interior design to be operationally effective, yet still permitting a visually appealing creative expression.
Achieving this was a major success of the project team, especially in the context of the brand's overall ambition within such a modest space."
David Kaye MBA MA FCSD Café-Design Limited

“A great listener, not afraid to think outside the box, understands the pressures on small businesses.”
Richard Mabb Gustomarket, The Seasonist, and Dorset Spice Shed

“I have known Edward for a number of years and we have always shared a great passion and interest in food and drink. I then had the good fortune to work directly with Edward, during his time as MD of Ludlow Food Centre.
Edward is inspirational, dynamic and gives absolutely 100% to anything that he is involved in. I would describe him as a great person for idea generation and strategic vision. He then knows how to develop the right team to make things happen effectively. He was great to work with – you are swept along in his enthusiasm, to deliver effectively with him. I very much hope to be able to work alongside him in the future. “
Clare Downes Monkhouse Food & Drink

"The knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm Edward (The Flying Fork) brings with him has ensured that the many projects we have collaborated on have been both hugely enjoyable and creatively exciting. Look forward to many more years of working together".
Ed Holding Creative Differences

“Trading since 2004 in the food sector we have acquired considerable experience in building working relationships with our b to b customers. We came into contact with Edward following his appointment at The Ludlow Food Centre and were immediately impressed with his enthusiasm and the breadth of his experience in the food industry. We quickly developed a very positive working relationship with him and we liked his open and honest approach with us when exploring opportunities to develop parts of our range that would best suit the needs of the Ludlow Food Centre. Edward achieved the difficult task of managing what was a very successful business and making it even better. We were sorry to see him go.”
Helen & Robert Graham Ludlow Nut Co Ltd

“I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Edward on the development of the Ludlow Kitchen. Edward's passion and enthusiasm for the hospitality and food industry is infectious.  His focus on the existing customer along with his natural ability to see what is needed in order to expand the customer base and achieve return on investment enabled Edward to communicate a great brief. As the lead designer for the project, I am sure that I can speak for the entire project team; we thoroughly enjoyed being part of journey and are incredibly proud of the result. Throughout the project Edward supported, encouraged and cajoled the design and construction teams to deliver the vision on time and budget.  Edward is a focused, driven and innovative professional but also lots of fun to work with!”
Abi Perry-Jones Creative Director, Perry - Jones architecture + design (previously Creative Director CDG Catering Design Group)

Gascony Garlic imports into England artisan produced ‘Fine White Garlic’ from Gascony, deep in South West France.  We had made a successful start with a few retail outlets but needed expert advice on whether our product was as good as we believed and on how to increase our distribution and sales in England.
Edward was wholly professional. He extended an already planned trip to SW France to include a visit to Gascony.  He met our neighbouring farmers who grow our garlic and engaged thoroughly with them to understand both the techniques and the spirit of their farming.  We discussed issues such as provenance and traceability, responsible farming and the environment, cooking with garlic and the associated health benefits. Edward’s obvious love of, and expert understanding of, the production and sale of high quality artisan food products quickly earned the respect of our growers, which in turn increased their confidence in our business. Edward was at that time MD of the Ludlow Food Centre.  He invited us to visit LFC, to see how really good food products should be prepared and presented for the customer.  He took enormous trouble to introduce us to the various buyers at LFC so we could understand how a professional food buyer judges a new product. Now that Edward is working as an independent consultant, we look forward to continuing to benefit from his great experience and expert advice on the marketing and sales of our garlic.
Robin Dunipace Gascony Garlic

“I have worked with and known Edward for many years now and he is a very loyal and efficient professional. Edward’s experience and passion in the independent sector is second to none and he would be a major asset to any business wanting to grow within this sector.”
Paul Mendel Bennet Opie Ltd.

“I was commissioned by Edward Berry to redesign and project manage the refurbishment of the two main suites at the Clive Restaurant with rooms in Bromfield Ludlow when Edward was director there. Edward was always supportive and encouraging in every step of the process, also professional and open to suggestions, it was a great pleasure to work with him, it was also obvious to see the respect he had from the staff who worked at the hotel which is so important when running a business. I would be more than happy to work with Edward again at some point in the future.”
Yvonne Maiden Maiden Art and interiors

'Edward is a good person to get a candid opinion from. With his wide knowledge and experience in the food industry he was very encouraging and supportive of my new photography enterprise, he gave good advice and always responded quickly to any queries. A person able to calmly juggle many different competing demands with politeness and charm. It has always been a pleasure working with him.'
Michael Fieldsend Photographer

‘As a new food related business Edward’s knowledge, experience and expertise has been invaluable in helping us find our feet in a very busy market place and helping us with decisions that have saved both time and money.’
Jon & Gill Thompson Sytch Farm Studios

“Edward Berry was a key partner in the early success of Peppermongers. With a keen eye on what customers want today and what trends they seek - Edward helped to identify our strengths of provenance, taste and authenticity and worked tirelessly with us to optimise sales.  Edward’s knowledge of the sector is second to none. We would recommend his services.”    
Tom Alcott Salthouse and Peppermongers

“I have dealt with Edward during his time as the MD for the Ludlow Food Centre. It was an enjoyable experience as his principal wine supplier. He knows how to construct a profitable and comprehensive wine list for both the on and off trades which appeals to both connoisseurs and the general public”
Bruce Kendrick, Director of Regional Sales, Liberty Wines

“I met Edward Berry when he was working in Ludlow, and he proved a very astute and attentive mentor to my fledgling arts organisation, helping me identify sponsorship opportunities and really define my market and brand.  I always found that an hour with Edward gave me the direction and clarity I needed, saving me many wasted hours possibly pursuing the wrong path.  Edward knows his stuff and always delivers his expertise with empathy, humour and warmth.”
Jo King, Curator/Director Ludlow Open Art Exhibition

“We dealt with Edward on a very professional basis, carefully managing that link between commercial control and expansive culinary interest in all things food and drink. At heart Edward is a great epicurean with his feet firmly planted in the terroir.
As a brewery we wanted to produce a pickle using our beer, this required extensive design, tasting and packaging concepts. Ultimately we ended up with a wonderful condiment which was cleverly co-branded for Ludlow Food Centre and Hobsons Brewery, doubling the commercial exposure. I have no hesitation in recommending Edward as that blink between the supplier and the retailer.”
Nick Davis, Founder & CEO Hobsons Brewery

During my time as Production & NPD Manager at Ludlow Food Centre, Edward supported and assisted me with the launch of several new product ranges (including ready meals, bakery and deli items) as well as redesigning the layout of retail spaces to make them more user friendly.
Edward is brilliant to work alongside, has a fantastic eye for detail and understands changing consumer trends in the food industry.
Daniel Jones Blue Sky Botanics